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TWS TW40 Bluetooth Headset 5.0 True Wireless Noise Reduction Siri Wireless Earphone

Product model: TW40 Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth version: Lanxun/Realtek 5.0, HD binaural call

Transmission distance: barrier-free distance 15-20 meters
Product speakers: high-quality speakers
Product chip: true stereo chip
Working time: 3-4 hours
Standby time of charging compartment: 30 days+

Headphone battery capacity: 50 mAh
Charging compartment battery capacity: 400 mA (with IC protection board)
Total weight: 140g
Packaging standard: earphone *2 + ear cap *6 + charging compartment + Micro charging cable + Chinese and English manual + packaging box

1. Power on (pairing):
Open the cover of the charging case, the headset will automatically pairing , or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on, and the blue light flashes three times when turned on

2. Description of charging prompt:
1. When charging the headset with the charging case: the indicator light of the charging case is turn on, the red light of the headset is turn on, and the indicator light is turn off when the headset is fully charged
2. When charging the charging bin with the data cable: the indicator light of the charging bin is turn on, and the four lights of the charging case are always turn on when fully charged
3. Shutdown:

After the earphone is put into the case, close the cover of the charging case, the earphone will shut down, or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to shut down, and the red light will flash three times

(When the device is not connected, it will automatically shut down after 3 minutes to save power)

Four, function:
Wake up Siri: Long press on any earphone to wake up Siri

Single click: play/pause, answer/hang up

Double clicks: previous song on the left ear, next song on the right ear

Three clicks: volume reduction in the left ear, volume increase in the right ear

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