Bluetooth Intercom

Features: Two users full duplex talk,The host intercom can pair with other 5 intercoms spearately in 5 groups, and switch among one of these 5 groups to communicate.Once pairing is successful,the intercom will automatically enter the real-time communication when powered on.
No need hot keys, easy to use
Memory pairing, simple and easy.
Latest chipset from Amercia,HI-FI sound
1. High-power headset, which can be used In a noisy environment
National Level 5 waterproof standard
Stereo HI-FI headset
Auto-receiving the cellphone call when you are in intercom channel

Two users full duplex talk,The host intercom can pair with other 4 intercom spearately in 5 groups, and switch among one of these 5 groups to communicate.Hands free

Stereo music/audio transmits from A2DP enabled phone/MP3/GPS),Advanced A2DP & EDR bluetooth 3.0 profile. Clear Audio


The BIM is a multi-function device specially designed for motorcycle and ski enthusiasts, which can be used for the following purposes:
1.As a handsfree Bluetooth headset for cell phone calls
When you’re riding motorcycle or skiing outside, the intercom will receive phone calls automatically and safely via the Bluetooth function. It also provides the function to refuse a phone call.
When there is a incoming call, you don’t need to press any buttons just riding as usual, after about 5 seconds, it will auto-receiving the call Of course, it also has the function to refuse a phone call.
2.Full duplex between two riders or rider and pillon
1200m max communication distance on a HD vision route (no obstacles on the way). Generally speaking, the valid talking distance in city is within 1200m.
Attention: The actual distance depends on the weather, terrain, possible obstacles (large vehicles or invisible buildings etc.).
Common walkie talkie is half duplex,can not listen and speak same time,but our BIM is full duplex,just like talk on cellphone or face-to-face
Speed up to 120KM/H

3.As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker
• The BIM have EDR and A2DP functions. The most important function is to connect to those mobile phone /MP3 / GPS navigation with A2DP stereo function, (MP3 or GPS must with built in Bluetooth transmitter module)

4.If there is no built-in Bluetooth transmitter module in you MP3 and GPS navigation,you just need get an external audio Bluetooth transmitter (commonly known as AV dongle). It’s easy to find one on the market.
Once equipped with an AV Dongle, you can enjoy this great function.

Applied occasions
Specially for mountaineering:

Waterproof, Wind noise DSP cancellation. High power, full-duplex talking, no need PPT button, release your hands. So you can concentrate on the mountain climbing and contact with your teammate in time.

Full-duplex communication, easy to use, convenient to contact with teammate, what’s more, you can answer the phone calls hands-free.

Used between the light control, audio division, security guard and director, timely and convenient, full-duplex and real time talking.

Used for timely communication between referees.
Generally, any sport event need more than 2 referees to talk at real time, so they can make a correct judgment. This Bluetooth intercom solved the problem. Meanwhile, the security guard and the working staff can use it too.

When you’re riding bicycle with relatives and friends, the intercom helps you to talk at real time, and auto receive phone calls for you. What’s more, you can listen to the music from the mobile phone as well.

Construction site
Full-duplex communication between tower crane driver and conductor to ensure the safety of construction

Port command
For container scheduling and command, etc.

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