(1) common hand sanitizer: the role of cleaning and decontamination. 

(2) heavy oil hand sanitizer: The cleaning of industrial oil stains (such as motor oil, gasoline, butter, diesel oil, etc.) and stubborn stains. 

(3) hand sanitizer for Children: non-toxic, non-irritating / non-irritating ingredients should be used for hand sanitizer for children, and the use of pigments and fragrances should be minimized. Some green Surfactant such as alkyl polyglycosides, amino acids, Surfactant, and plant based emollients are often used in children’s hand sanitizers. 

(4) water-free hand sanitizer another type of this product is the use of Guanidine type cationic fungicides and auxiliaries, mainly on the hand skin of the daily sterilization. When used, the utility model adopts the spray method to spray directly on the hands.

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