1. To the formal shopping malls to buy, the regular shopping mall purchase channel is relatively stable, there is a more stringent system of customs clearance. 

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, packaging bottle on the printing is clear, whether the pump head is solid. General Hand Sanitizer is through extrusion pump head liquid, if the packaging quality is poor, will not be used in the process of liquid or leakage, inconvenience and waste. 

3. See whether the signs are complete, such as factory name, address, etc. , especially to pay attention to whether there is a standard number. Although there is no unified national standard for Hand Sanitizer, the state does not allow non-standard production, so every production enterprise should draw up the enterprise standard and mark the enterprise standard number on the package to ensure the product quality. 

4. Note that the contents of the hand sanitizer itself, smell a smell has no odor, pungent smell and other odor. If there may be past the expiration date, or the use of banned materials, it is best not to buy and use. Also observe whether there is stratification or oil-water separation phenomenon, if there is that the production process did not control the emulsification, will affect the washing effect.

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