At present,Many traditional ports of computers are cut off, and only a few interfaces that can meet the needs of daily mobile office are reserved. However, once you need to connect to a projector, wired network, or other USB peripherals, you do n’t know how i can do it.

So in this case,a tool that can solve the problem of few computer interfaces-the docking station was born. As for what is a docking station, it is necessary to briefly introduce here.

A simple understanding of the docking station is a base that can expand the functionality of a notebook computer. Consists of interfaces and slots, which can connect a variety of external devices, thereby making up for the lack of notebook computer interfaces.

So how do you choose a docking station?

Multiple functions

With the popularity of the MacBook Pro, the Type-C docking station has become very popular. At present, there are docks with different interfaces such as seven ports and eight ports. These ports cover functions such as charging, audio, USB, HDMI, SD card, and network ports, and multiple interfaces can be used simultaneously without affecting each other.

With the eight-in-one docking station of the well-known digital brand Aomei, we will give you a demonstration. Eight ports can basically meet the daily office needs.

Now i will briefly introduce several interfaces can be used in daily office

The main function of the Type-c charging port is to supply power to the computer, but you should be noted that not all Type-c interfaces can support PD fast charging. When choosing the docking station, remember to check whether the charging port supports the fast charging protocol. ; HDMI or VGA interfaces can be connected to large-screen projection screens for conference meetings, but you need to  prepare the corresponding HDMI or VGA cable; the network cable port is not mentioned, mainly to provide a stable network; SD / TF The card interface can solve the problem of Macbook and Ultrabook without card slot reading. The USB 3.0 interface mainly realizes the need for data transfer between U disk and mobile hard disk. Of course, you can also connect a mouse and keyboard.

Therefore, we recommend that you buy a multi-port, full-featured docking station when you choose, because a docking station can basically meet the complex office needs.

Choosing a fast transmission speed

The snail-like transmission speed is often very annoying, especially after the docking station adds a lot of functions, so when buying a product, remember to look at the interface of the card reader.

Card reading speed is better than USB2.0. When choosing a docking station, the USB 3.0 interface is preferred. From the appearance to see, the middle plastic piece of the USB 3.0 interface is blue, and the USB 2.0 is black or white. In theory, the USB 2.0 The transmission rate is 480Mbps, which is 60MB / s, and the transmission rate of USB3.0 is 5.0Gbps, which is 625MB / S. Therefore, USB3.0 is faster than 2.0.

Choose the right interface, do more with less

It should also be noted that some charging interfaces support the fast charging protocol, and some are universal charging, so you can consider your needs when buying. Generally, it supports 100W charging. It only takes 1-1.5h to charge the Macbook .

In addition, the HDMI extension function generally supports extended 4K signal output, and some VGA interfaces only support 1080P high-definition video extension output.

Beautiful appearance with not hot

At present, more aluminum alloys and ABS materials are used on the market,also having all aluminum alloy body. Among them, the all-aluminum alloy material is more wear-resistant and has a better texture, and it is easier to conduct internal heat to the surface of the product, and accelerate heat dissipation. In addition, if each function of the dock has an independent chip, when multiple functions are running at the same time, it can still maintain a stable and smooth transmission speed.

Compact and portable

The small, thin and light docking station is more suitable for business office, and it is also easy to carry.

A good docking station can not only easily connect external devices such as laptops, but also provide a variety of interfaces for users to use, making the work more convenient and comfortable. But how to choose specifically, in addition to looking at your own needs, you also have to look at your own budget. With its lightweight body and portability, the multi-functional docking station has helped us to solve many laptop expansion flaws and has successfully won the hearts of many consumers. In the future, I believe there will be more and more peripherals derived from Type-C interface.

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