With the development of technology. Many electronic products have been replaced, such as computers.Persen who known computers know that the first computer that came out in 1946 ,the size was 80 feet *8 feet and weighed 28t (tons). Apple’s MacBook Pro as  Today’s computers, the height is 1.49 cm (0.59 inches), the width is 30.41 cm (11.97 inches), and the weight is only 1.37 kilograms, which is quite thin.

It is indeed a good thing that the size and weight are getting smaller and the fuselage is becoming lighter and more delicate, but in order to pursue thinness and long battery life, computer manufacturers have to reduce size from the fuselage, such as the reduction of the fuselage interface and the MacBookPro  is only a Type-C interface. In general, the fuselage ports are sufficient, but if you want to connect more devices, it will be stretched.

Apple’s MacBook Pro

Therefore, in order to fit request of users of the thin and light laptop, multi-function docking station have produced. What is the docking station? how to use? Follow Aomei and understand!

Docking station, as the name suggests, is a device that can expand the functions of a notebook computer. It is composed of interfaces and slots. It can connect various of external devices to make up for the lack of notebook computer interfaces. Take Aomei’s docking station as an example. We have many kinds of docking stations such as four-in-one (HDMI + USB * 2 + PD charging port), five-in-one, six-in-one, eight-in-one,etc.They can connect to HDMI,TYPE-C,SDcard,TFcard,USB3.0,USB2.0,RJ45(1000M),VGA,3.5audio output with computer,PAD,smartphone,swith,xbox,ps4pro by TYPE-C interface.

If you are facing the problem of less of smart devices interface, friends, preparing a docking station is a good choice. Have you ever encountered the embarrassment of insufficient interface? How to solve it? Leave your story in the comment area!

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